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The phenomenon of climate change is avoidable since its effects are significantly on both environment and human beings live – such as human health, agriculture, food security, water supply, energy, and ecosystem. Here human beings play role as the actors as well as the victim. In one side, humans’ adaptability to surrounding leads to survive by developing technology that is able to prevent negative impacts of climate change. In other side, humans also contribute to environmental problems that as the results of humans’ activities.

Nowadays, world is facing society 5.0 in which integrated system of digital technology brings humans to achieve a high quality of life ideally, however, this state requires hard and sustainable efforts from all parties such as community of social and political sciences. Since every steps of society achievements also bring its consequences in terms of culture, and socio-political changes both positive and negative effects.

Complexity phenomena of climate change in one side, and society 5.0 in other side, it turns should be responded by providing collaborative works amongst scholars and decision makers. International conference, therefore, becoming a scientific way to experts especially social and political sciences to share and contribute to solve the problems that arise from climate change and society 5.0.

Based on this point of view, Faculty of Social and Political Science, Hasanuddin University, initiates a forum for all scholars of social and political sciences, researchers, practitioners and decision makers to gather and share ideas, research, practices, and experiences regarding challenges of social and climate changes in 5.0 society. Hence, we cordially invite all colleagues to present their papers in Hasanuddin International Conference on Social and Political Sciences (HICOSPOS) in Makassar, Indonesia   

Aim and Scope

In regards to the purpose of this event, the core theme of Hasanuddin International Conference on Social and Political Sciences (HICOSPOS) 2019 is “Social and Climate Change in 5.0 Society”.

This theme illustrates the importance of theorists and practitioners to strengthen their commitments, solidarities, and full supports in enhancing research collaboration for development of social and political sciences in solving contemporary problems.

All papers should be written in the frame of the above mentioned core theme and address main areas of theme include but not limited to:

  • Crisis and disaster management
  • Climate justice and equity
  • Climate governance
  • Social and political changes
  • Gender equality
  • Demographic change
  • Peace and conflict resolution
  • Humanity and 4.0 industry
  • Culture and locality
  • Poverty and human security
  • Digital community
  • Public policy
  • Public management
  • Digital Governance

Keynote and Invited Speakers

Keynote Speaker

Invited Speakers

Venue and Activities
Hotel Singgasana. Jl. Kajaolalido No.16, Makassar

Important Dates
Paper summary submission dateline: 30 July 2019

Extended Paper Summary Submission: 5 August 2019
Notification of accepted paper summary: 15 August 2019 30 August 2019
Full paper submission dateline: 15 September 2019
Notification of accepted full paper: 30 September 2019
Conference date: 21 – 22 October 2019

Template of Paper Summary
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Registration Fee and Payment
General presenter (Indonesia) IDR 1.800.000
Second authors (Indonesia) IDR 500.000
Student presenter (Indonesia) IDR 1.250.000
General presenter (Foreigner) USD 175
Student presenter (Foreigner) USD 100
Non student Participant (Indonesia) IDR 500.000
Student participant (Indonesia) IDR 150.000
Participant (Foreigner) USD 100

Hotel Singgasana. Jl. Kajaolalido No.16, Makassar

Scientific Committee


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Dr. Nuvida Raf (+62 87819373633)