Tuberculosis (TB) remain is a public health problem in Indonesia, which requires an integrated and comprehensive management in order to support health development efforts. Indonesia has developed a National Strategic Plan for 2016-2020 for TB Control, which sets out the main strategies for improving knowledge, improving access, improving treatment success, with support from health systems, all providers, TB patients and the community, in accordance with the TB Elimination strategy of 2035.

The Indonesian TB Research Network has been established, with main role is to assist the National TB Program to coordinate TB research activities from the National Institute of Health Research and Development, Universities, and other research institutions, and to ensure the needs of research from the National TB Program as mentioned in the research agenda. The Indonesian TB Research Network can collaborate between universities for TB research in Indonesia and between countries.

In order to encourage research, development and utilization of strategic information to support the National TB Program, Sub-Directorate of TB, General Directorate of Disease Pevention and Control, Ministry of Health in collaboration with Faculty of Medicine, Hasanuddin University Makassar, will organizing an event ” International TB Conference in conjunction with Scientific Meeting of Indonesian TB Research Network”, which is planned to be held on 15-16 November 2018 in Makassar.

This event objectives are to intensify research networks, to promote TB research among research institutions or universities, in order to contribute and to identify priority for the National TB Control Program actively. In addition, collaboration between research and practitioners is also able to reinforce the National TB Control Program.




To intensify research networks, promoting TB research in research institution or universities in order to contribute and identifying research priorities for active TB Control Program.



  1. Intensify information about update in TB research results, which can be used for national programs, researchers, practitioners and the community.
  2. Motivation among academicians and health researchers to understand and adapt the research priorities of the national TB program.
  3. Establishment of collaboration between researchers, program managers, and practitioners in developing new strategies to accelerate TB control program in Indonesia.
  4. Establishment recommendations for National TB Programs and practitioners based on the research presented.

“From Cells to Community”.

Time                Thursday and Friday, 15-16 November 2018

Venue              Lotus Hall – Four Points by Sheraton Hotel

Jl. Andi Djemma No. 130 Makassar, Indonesia, 90222


Participants are academicians, researchers, specialist, general physician, medical students, nurses, health workers, which consist of:

  • Active participants: presenting oral and posters from each research result or case prensentation; and
  • Other participants: researchers, specialists, general physician, medical students, nurses, and other health workers.


Speakers are experts (lecturers and researchers) from national and international universities, the National Institute of Health Research and Development, WHO, KNCV and Sub-Directorate of TB, General Director of Disease Pevention and Control, Ministry of Health.


  • The Expert Committee of TB (KOMLI TB)
  • Universities and educational Institutions
  • the National Institute of Health Research and Development Ministry of Health Republic of Indonesia and oversies
  • WHO
  • KNCV
  • TB-related NGOs
  • Representatives of professional health organizations
  • Directorate and Directorate General in the Ministry of Health
  • Board and members of the Indonesian TB Research Network
  • Provincial and District/City Health Office all over Indonesia
  • Public and private hospital
  • Drugs and health/medical manufacture industry



Interactive scientific meeting, conducted for 2 effective days. Detailed activities are divided into plenary lectures, symposia, workshops, research seminars, posters presentation, organizational meetings of the Expert Committee OF TB (Komli TB) on national TB research networks, and medical exhibition.


Plenary Lecture and symposia will delivered by national and international experts. Research seminar and poster presentation will be dedicated for all TB researchers, clinicians (specialist or general physician), nurses, other health workers and medical students to present research result and case report which has been selected by reviewer team. The scope of accepted research and case report is topic that related to basic, clinical or epidemiology TB. Thus, all TB researchers and clinicians in Indonesia and oversies are invited to present their research results and case reports. Abstracts submitted will be reviewed for eligibility in to oral presentation or poster presentation.

The Expert Committee of TB meeting will discuss the organizational structure of the Indonesian TB research network (Jetset TB), the extensification of research network at the level of district/city, also method of monitoring and evaluation of activities.